Hi, my name is Edwin Smith. I am a third year student at the University of Canberra.

This is my first blog ever! Well, not really. It’s probably my tenth or something. But first on this site! Yay for me.

So, we have been told that we can write ANYTHING we want. So I’m gunna start with this cool story that I found this morning. It’s about pirates. Not the old, swashbuckling style, but the new age pirates, where they take hostages instead of looting the ship and leaving. Where the US Navy has to deal with rocket-propelled grenades instead of sword fights. Its kind of interesting I’d say.

On another note, my new favourite person in the world is the 17yearold girl at the center of of the St Kilda scandal. She is going to court today, while the player manager at the center of the drama, Ricky Nixon, has ‘fled’ the country to get away from the media storm that this scandal has become.

Anyway, back to the girl. Due to legal issues, I can’t say her name, but she has been giving the media some absolute gold quotes. Such as “Just awaiting to be called into the court room.. See y’all hopefully soon! Nervous! K x.”

Anyway, Edwin OUT!