Today, in Online News, or #juice as it is now more commonly known, we are learning about the pitfalls of online reporting. Over the last few years, stories have been broken more and more in the online media, and this has increased the level of errors found in many every-day stories.

One example of this was Sarah Palin “failing” on this Youtube clip, found here

As a recent joiner to the biggest internet craze of the last few years, Twitter, I have become all to aware of the issues facing online reporting, especially through social networking sites such as Twitter.

Currently, as a general rule, I would say every news story these days is broken online. It is quick, easily accessable and is delivered at the click of the button. Obviously, traditional forms of media can still cover a breaking event in quick time, especially with the introduction of free-to-air news station ABC24. But even so, for a story to break on TV, it has to go through editors, journalists, producers and who ever else is involved, whereas on Twitter or such social media sites, stories can be broken in a matter of seconds by simply writing a 140 character message and pressing “tweet.”

Hopefully, social media won’t take over traditional forms of media such as newspapers and radio, but they are becoming more and more obselete as technology increased. That being said, I think there is always going to be a need for newspapers and radio stations.

I guess only time will tell (in the biggest cliche).

In the mean time, check out this old-school photo that my new skills have allowed me to upload!

New York City celebrating the surrender of Japan. They threw anything and kissed anybody in Times Square., 08/14/1945