Parramatta Eels go marching on.


Aaaah, footy season. It’s back, and to record crowd figures as well

In what was another turbulent few weeks before the season opening, Rugby League is back, and although the dredded ‘face of league’ curse reared its ugly head again, this time time to super star Benji Marshall, Round 1 went off without any major dramas.


One of the bigger stories to come out of round 1 was the re-emergence of the Parramatta Eels actually playing like a team. They looked calm under pressure, kicked and chased incredibly well, and most importantly, they beat the Warriors in New Zealand, possibly one of the toughest away fixtures in the calender.

Eden Park, New Zealand.

Check out match highlights here:


Other big matches of note include the stunning opening match between the Roosters and the Rabittohs. After the Roosters raced out to a seemingly unasailable 28-6 lead with a cricket score looking likely. But the Souths werent done with yet, as they staged what would have been one of the greatest come backs of the past few years.

When Sandow slotted a field goal with 8 minutes to goal, Souths found themselves in the lead for the first time in the match. But it wasnt to be, as two late tries to Roosters second rower Tom Symonds sealed the game for the Roosters.


With the start of the NRL season always proving about as difficult to predict as Mother Natures habits at the moment, Round 2 will surely bring its fair share of upsets. Keep an eye out for the Cowboys doing some major damage this season.