So, as my header states, today for Online News, A.K.A #juice we had to do a briefing for our upcoming assessment where we have to make a slide show regarding some kind of issue. Our group, involving Simon McGuinness, Dane Keenes and Jamie Cummins, decided our story would be about the University of Canberra Rugby League team, the Cows.

We decided this story would be a good, community style story that has covers the human interest side of news. I think our pitch went well today, highlighted by the appearance of “Clarance,” the Cows mascott. Hopefully the class enjoyed it, and more importantly proved that we planned our story to perfection!

I think the main problem we are going to encounter is ensuring we focus on the community side of things, and that the images we take are engaging and appealing to a wider audience, as we don’t want the audience getting bored now do we!?

The Cows season starts in 2-3 weeks, so we already have worked out who we are going to talk to, the President of the Cows Tim Prembroke, and the head of UC clubs and societies.

Here is a link to the Cows facebook page. Check it out, they are a great club!

Hopefully this story will come together in the coming months, keep an eye on this page for more updates!