So after our successful meeting and pitch to the class (with a suprise visit from Clarence the Cow) its onto business for the main assessment in Online News Aka #juice.

We are hoping to get together in our group some time this week during the class free period, as the Cows first home game is either this weekend or next weekend. I have contacted the President of the Cows, and he is keen to help us out which is great.

One thing I want to talk about this week is Foxsports, and more specifically, their online website.

First things first, I love the website and visit it multiple times a day to keep up to date with my favourite NRL and other sports news. I also love the Fantasy aspect of their website, and would consider myself a Fantasy-whore (someone who is obsessed).

However, one thing that really grinds my gears (always wanted to say that) is their use of certain team-members to “break” stories. Let me give you an example

That story is only one example of many, where Foxsports are obvioulsy having a slow news day, so they get one of the big name players, such as Kimmorley or Daily to say something controversial or newsworthy, and then proceed to write a story about this. Now I’m not saying other forms of media don’t ever do this, but Foxsports seems to be the worst at it. Sure, some times these “legends” of the game can offer valuable insight into what is going on in the world of NRL, but often it’s fairly obvious they are digging for a story that basically isn’t there.

One commentator, Gordon Tallis and his famous slinging of Brett Hogdson in State of Origin. Image from rugbydump.blogspot.

But i’ll let you guys, my loyal fans, make up your own mind about that!

Thanks for reading.