Hey hey, Edwin here back for another blog-tastic blog. Today in class, we we informed that the lesson would be based around looking at professional blogs, and how they work and interact with their audience.
I chose the Daily Telegraph blog, because it was focused on commentating with the viewer.
Every post featured on the page was responded to by the writer of the article, giving the blog a real sense of conversation, rather than an expert giving his two cents.
I think this technique works very well, although it does make it difficult for conversation between the audience, as its all between the writer and the respondent.

It brings up the issue of conversational journalism, a topic which I have been trying to get my head around in recent weeks. I took a tour of the ABC studios here in Canberra, and watched 666 ABC radio being broadcast live to air, and it had me thinking. There was only one poor lady who was in charge of hosting the show, and when I asked the question “doesn’t she get lonley by herself?” I was given the answer “I am sure she does, but this way it is more conversational with the audience.”

ABC studios in Canberra

That really got me thinking, and a started to wonder;how good/bad is it to only have on presenter on a show, and in particular a radio show. Coming from personal experience, I have done a live-to-air radio show with 2 and 3 people, but never on my own. I guess the though of talking to my self for a few hours in a small box with no windows and only music to keep me company kinda freaks me out. But our gracious tour guide of the ABC Chris Kymball pointed out that although the host may get lonely/bored/depressed (OK maybe not the last two) the main point is that the audience calls up and engages in the conversation. If there is two people hosting, and talking amongst themselves, then the audience is more likely to be listening to the conversation, and not critically thinking about the topic at hand, and therefore less likely to phone-in.

So, two questions. As a number, how many people do you think listen to the radio with the specific thought in mind of calling up and becoming involved in the conversation. And two, is this number big enough to determine how many hosts are involved in a station?

Obviously, these questions aren’t easily answered, and I’ll leave it to your imagination to answer it.