Slideshows is the theme of this weeks tute, except it proves difficult when sound is not available on the UC computers. However, this couldn’t put a damper on my spirits, as I set about watching my set slide show. The most interesting thing I found about it, was the period of time between each photo. At an average of slightly over 8 seconds, this is alot longer than what I anticipated my slide show would be. However, in my specific instance (the Blues Festival) I think the long, almost drawn out photo’s worked really well.

With this is mind, myself and my team went down to the UC Meadows to watch a Cows game to take some happy-snaps and get this assessment really started.

The day started off slow, as I showed up a good 40 minutes before any one from the Cows showed up, so an awkward sit-and-wait ensured, but this didn’t set me back!

With visually-appealing shots my main aim for today, I set about taking some photo’s of the officals setting up the goal posts, corner posts and BBQ for the day. Once the game kicked off, I tried to use as many different angles and shots that I could, so it wasn’t your standard, run-of-the-mill NRL shots.

This is one of my favourite shots that I took on the day. really liking the vivid colours and the framing of the shot. It went straight into the presentation!

It was lucky, because at the end of the game I managed to convince the whole team to gather for a group shot with Clarance the Cow, which I think is a great finishing shot to the slide show. Many thanks go out to the Cows members who helped me out throughout the day!

The cows celebrating their win, and promoting the Groovin the Moo festival.

This week is dedicated to getting some interviews down, and really getting this thing sorted!

Just finally, here is the UC Cows theme song. I find it pretty hilarious, as its basically just two big dudes singing and a bit of guitar over the top! Hope you enjoy.