What a week. Easter, ABJ, Footy, so much going on.
I think collectively the whole of the journalism course had a major stress-out over the weekend, rushing to complete their ABJ story before the dead line at the terrible time of 9:30 Wednesday morning after a five day public weekend.

Somehow, I managed to finish my story by Tuesday afternoon, a few hours earlier than I usually would have. My story basically covered a new program regarding motor skill for young children and how it has now been diagnosed as a disorder by the World Health Organization. All in all, I think the story came along pretty well, a few technical glitches as you would expect but came out looking pretty decent.

But then again, I think that about every assessment but then it gets torn to shreds by the marking criteria. I’ll keep you updated.

This weekend, we are heading to the UC Cows game to take some photo’s and hopefully scrap up a few interviews.

Onto sport, and the Easter weekend saw some interesting match ups in the NRL. The Bulldogs destroyed the Bunnies, with player of the moment Ben Barba tearing up some feeble Bunnies defence. The score finished at 36-24, cementing the Bulldogs as a real Premiership threat.

Kris Keating has enjoyed a successful transition from the Eels to the Bulldogs.

This season has been one of the strangest in memory, so many teams have either over performed or under performed, and its becoming a tippers nightmare (at least it is for me.)

The Cowboys and the Raiders seemed to have swapped spots on the ladder, with the Cowboys no long the celar dwellers they used to be, and the Raiders no longer the high flighers they used to be. Lets hope they don’t persist with Matty Aweful for much longer!