With the end of semester approaching as fast as the Raiders season is ending, it’s time for some serious work.

Here is our finished slideshow, in all its glory!

In other big news this week, bin Laden is dead. That’s right, he is dead, FINALLY, and comedians around the world are rejoicing. An event ten years in the making, you can imagine how many jokes every comedian had stock piled in their vault of to-be-used jokes. We heard them all, with everything from Harry Potter to Superman to Playstations tied into the dead. If you follow this link, it’s a fake link to a Twitter page made ‘in honour’ of his death.

One of my favourite jokes is the Harry Potter references, and in particular the jokes suggesting bin Laden has horcruxes.

For those of you who are unfortunate enough to not get the reference, in HP, Voldermort has these things that you have to destroy before he can die, hence they are saying that bin Laden is STILL ALIVE!

Heres an amusing picture anyway.

But onto more serious issues, when I was listening to Hack, the JJJ program broadcast at 530 each afternoon, they had a special on the attack, and mentioned some interesting points. Firstly, they interviewed a local Pakistani who said there were hundreds of journalists lurking around. Secondly, he mentioned that locals were aware that something wasn’t right with the building when school kids lost their ball over the fence, and instead of returning the ball, they simply got handed money. Curious and curiouser.

Obama, Hilary Clinton and other very high profile Americans gather around, following a live feed of the attack.

Another interesting part about this story is the actual changing OF the story. First, we were told that Osama used his wife as a human shield, then that that didn’t happen, then that Osama was armed and dangerous, then that he wasn’t armed, which begs the question; what else have the Americans lied to us about?

Did they REALLY dump his body in the middle of the ocean, and if so, will he be brought back to life much like Megatron from Transformers? (Another joke, I’m sorry)

Or did they even kill him at all, or is it another big conspiracy theory much like the landing on the moon. They aren’t releasing photo’s of a dead Osama, citing reasons such as “we think it will cause too much backlash.” Oh, because killing him won’t?

Any way, that is enough from me, thanks for reading.