OK bloggers, it’s time to embark on another blogging adventure, so if you have any interest in tennis, or more precisely the junior level of tennis, then keep a eye out for this blog. If you are a junior player, a parent of a junior player, or even just some one who is interested in how training methods, diets and gear compares between junior and senior level players, this blog will be the foundation blocks for an exciting new program.

My focus will be on Australian junior players, but not necessarily focusing on Australian senior professional players. The aim for this program will be to educate the current crop of juniors progessing through the ranks, and to give them advice and hints towards their future i.e how do their training methods compare to that of Roger Federer, or how  their diet compare to that of Maria Sharapova.

I will also be comparing results and matches of pro’s compared to juniors, and what ranking certain players had at a certain age. I think this will be an exciting new way to look at professional tennis players, and will be a priceless tool for junior athletes to use to help further their career. Once the product is made, players, parents and any one else interested will be able to sign up for a subscription service that enables them to recieve updates and advice on the above information.