The reason I chose this topic is due to the lack of media coverage in general regarding the issue of comparing junior players to senior players, their training regimes, diets and so on.

The Australian Tennis Magazine is one of the biggest tennis publications in Australia, and in my opinion is the leader in tennis information and opinion within Australia. The magazine has segments within regarding diets of particular players, including a special on the benefits of oranges in the August edition. It also has training drills that professionals use, plus insight from past players and coaches about the technique side of professionals.

However, the magazine does lack a comparison section, and although recently coverage of junior players has been on the increase, there is still a significant gap in the coverage of junior players. I realise that the magazine only has a limited range of stories they can print per, which is why I believe my area of interest will close a gap within the market.

Another major player within the tennis landscape in Australia is Tennis Australia. Their website has the most comprehensive coverage of Australian tennis, including a decent amount regarding junior players. But once again, their page only covers the basic results of how players are doing, it doesn’t give advice to aspiring players, or compare their progress or training methods to that of a professional.

I believe my area of interests fits into an area lacking within the Australian tennis media.

In summary, although my area of interest is covered in parts, there is no current media coverage in Australia comparing junior and senior players. I won’t be limiting the comparison to Australian players, and in particular won’t be limiting the comparison to Australian professionals, rather I will be focusing on a broad range of past players from a range of countries including both male and female.