For my chosen topic, there are a number of areas that are crucial to follow online, including certain Twitter accounts, a number of websites and certain bloggers.

The Twitter accounts I believe are necessary to follow include @NeilHarmanTimes who is a prominent tennis figure in Twitter, he has over 9 thousand followers and over 10 thousand tweets, and is also a correspondent for the New York Times in tennis. He covers many issues from major tournaments, to junior success within American teenagers, to critical analysis of pro’s techniques which I believe will be useful when completing this study.

Another account important to follow would be @oztennisresults which is a Twitter account dedicated to the results of Australian players from junior to senior level, and allows a constant update of which players are succeeding and which players are struggling.

One blog I have found to be particularly helpful is found at and contains information to assist juniors progress through to the senior ranks. The blog contains a section of writing followed by a short video explaining in more detail the advice. This blog will be crucial in my study.

Apart from these accounts, other accounts I will be following include:

@jeffsalzenstein- A former pro player turned coach who tweets about tennis skills and techniques

@Paulavergara- A freelance tennis writer

@adjustingthenet- A tennis commentator and discusses tennis news

@TennisRightNow- comprehansive collection of tennis tweets

@tennisaustralia- Comprehensive coverage of all junior and senior Australian tennis players

Once again, although these media outlets and indivuals do cover certain aspects of tennis, there is definitely a gap in which my product will fit nicely into.