After some extensive research, no book or academic reference was found to discuss my area of junior to senior level tennis in any length. Instead, I found a book called the “Epidemiology of Injury in Olympic Sports” and decided to use this book, written by Dennis J. Caine and Peter Harmer, to relate to my particular issue.

The book mainly focuses on injury prevention and injury causes in racquet sports including tennis and badminton, but it was the only article I found that could relate junior sports to senior professional sports. It states that while they encourage juniors to copy the training techniques professional players use, is it also important to manage the risks assosciated with this intense training.

The study they did showed that the older you get, the higher your chance of sustaining a serious injury becomes.

“Younger potential athletes… had an even lower incidence of 2.1 injuries per 1 000 hours…while elite senior athletes… (had) a higher injury occurrence (7.4 injuries per 1,000 hours)”

When putting together my product, it will be important to remember that junior athletes aren’t training in the way that senior athletes are, and careful planning must be in place to ensure younger kids don’t push their limits too much.