I think throughout my blog posts that I have shown that my area of interest can welcome and sustain individuals within the market place. As I have mentioned previously, no site or individual covers my area of interest online, and I believe there is a definite need for coverage of my area. Although some companies and individuals do cover tennis technique and how some pro’s train, no company covers a comparison between junior and senior level players, such as diets, training techniques and a results comparison. Many Australian juniors in particular are looking at ways to get a step ahead of the competition, and I believe my product can offer these juniors a way to do this. Through comparison of results, diet and training comparisons, juniors can get the edge over their competition by copying or following the path of a professional player.

Once I have people interested in my product, I will introduce a subscription service that costs a small fee but will have more in-depth analysis of results comparison on an individual level. I think this idea would be huge within the market, allowing junior players and parents the opportunity to sign up for specific feedback on their own personal case. With the help of these comparisons, I would hope that word would spread of the service meaning more and more would sign up.