Back again due to popular demand (read: one guy once said he liked something I wrote) for another blog-tastic adventure, this time I will be talking and discussing the Olympics and NRL.

I will start with tennis, and it has been another disastrous tournament for the Aussie contingent, with the only winner coming in the form of Aussie warrior Lleyton Hewitt. He had a tough three-setter against Sergiy Stankhovsky, eventually prevailing 6-3 in the third. He now faces big-serving Marin Cilic from Croatia, with the winner to face either Andy Roddick or Novak Djokovic. I think I read this morning that Cilic and Hewitt had NEVER met before, which was one of the more strange things I’ve heard. I was expecting to see the Cilic had a 5-3 winning record over Hewitt or something along those lines. That being said, I don’t think it’s a bad match up for old Rusty, if he can make some good returns and put to pressure on the Cilic serve, he could be in with a shout. If he manages to win, I think it could be getting close to one last hurrah for Hewitt, he must be nearing the end of his long and illustrious career and even he must be wondering how much more his body can cope.

If he does, and my goodness I would love him to, it really would solidify that he is one of the best warriors not only Australian tennis, but Australian sport has seen. He epitomises the Aussie spirit that we are so proud of, something that so far these Olympics has been missing.

Take Emily Seebohm for example; she essentially blamed social media for her shock loss in the 100m Backstroke final. She absolutely dominated in her heats, breaking the Olympic record and only needed to repeat that performance to claim gold. She instead came out and said “I’ve obviously got to log out of Twitter and sign out of Facebook sooner than what I did,” which to me is a ridiculous thing to do/say. Apart from that, I think her biggest problem, which she also admitted, was her overconfidence, and dare I say it, her arrogance.

“When people tell you a thousand times ‘you’ll get the gold’ somewhere in your mind you are going to say ‘you’ve done it’,” she said, which shows her immaturity more than anything. But hey, at only 20 years old, it’s by no means the end of her career, more the beginning of a learning curb. And a steep one at that.

The other big disappointment in the pool came from the men’s 4 X 100m freestyle team. They also became too complacent, and although they didn’t say it, they would have been expecting nothing less than a gold medal. To come away with fourth place and no medal is a huge (belly) flop. As I heard one punter say, the Aussies focused around the USA team, they focused around us, and the French just put their heads down and swam their way to victory.

I said it on Twitter, but for me, swimming epitomises the Olympics. It might be because it’s where the Aussies seem to win the most medals and have the most success, or it might be the memories I have as a youngster watching Thorpie dominate. Either way, I have a feeling (it’s not a good one) that these Olympics may be defined by Seebohm and the relay teams’ flops, and not remembered for the successes that will hopefully come. Obviously, I really hope not, and Magnussen does have the chance for redemption tonight in the 100m freestyle, where he has to get through his heat and semi, and also take care of Flashy Frenchman (one of the greatest/worst clichés that I use waaay to much but I really can’t help it) Yannick Agnel, coincidently named after former professional tennis player Yannick Noah.

On another note, I would like to congratulate my NRL team the Parramatta Eels for one of the most impressive displays of the last few years in dishing out a flogging to the second top team in a matter of weeks, the Brisbane Broncos. It truly is amazing what a new coach can bring to a team, whether players realise they are on trial or they want to help out the new coach, it seems it is almost a given that no matter how poorly a team is doing, sack your coach and you are guaranteed at least a win. You definitely get the feeling the Eels are going to have a few more wins in the coming weeks, and really bring some teams back to earth, and send the legend himself Nathan Hindmarsh out on a high.

Parramatta winning is just one of the many things making competition at the moment a tipster’s nightmare. Probably the only other team who are more unpredictable is the Raiders, who can look like the best team in the comp and the worst all within about ten minutes.

That’s probably enough for me for this blog entry, once again thanks for reading, if you like what I am doing feel free to like this blog or follow me on Twitter – Edwin_smith1.

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